Kamis, 12 November 2009


Today we revised all about the chords and scales from 3 sharp major to 2 flat Major

1 Sharp:G Major

2 Sharp:D Major

3 Sharp: A Major

1 Flat: F Major

2 Flat: B Major

Mr even told us an easier way to find out was the next Major is going to be
if you practice it would be very simple.

11 Nov 2009

Today we did all the reflection that is needed to be done for each assesment task
Through My scores I think I did just fine but still need to improve in singing
Not quite talented at it.But for some reason I like to sing. So the improvement is the
Voice and Pitch in Singing. THATS Quite it today we didn't have Music Class TOO BAD :(

Selasa, 10 November 2009

5 Nov 2009 D_DAY NO 2

Today is the day of our glorious victory for MUSIC YEAH!!!!

So today we did the assessment on the instrument playing. I did just fine but i need to improve on the chords. The way i organized the chord is complicated so I planned to TAKE A RETEST!!

28 Oct 2009

Today each of us had start on the Finale and most of us had problems with it so today some of us get Mr.Al to give the FINALE to us.
Then some of us tried to play our Music in front of the audience that is me and i think i did pretty well YAY!!!


Today Mr.Sadrakh thought us about how to put the fix bars per line so that if we put the notes the bars wouldn't increase Here is the steps:

1.open Utilities

2.Fit Measures

3.In the box after lock layout type 4 (since its 16 bars)

4.Then all measures

5.Finally OK!!!!!

Another Task Await Lyrics here we go

Today we put the lyrics on the final draft paper and Mr Sadrakh tought us all about FINALE 2009 OH YEAH. He explain on how we do it and how to insert different tools. Never thought that FINALE could be so helpful.

Then today in MUSIC CLUB me and Louis did the duet WaLtZ it was not too good. I really need to work on Collaborating with my pals.

Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009

Finally Publish my creation 20-10-09

Today we wrote the final copy of the assesment copy sheet. Then we sang in pairs Silver Moon Boat Mr Sadrakh have us a homework on making the lyrics. Today we also discussed about Finale

Gundul Gundul Pacul Yeah Indonesia 15-10-09

Today we sang the song Gundul-Gundul Pacul I like it because that was the song that I like to sing when I was a child (Ah good times) Then Mr Sadrakh grouped us in pairs to sing it.

Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009

14-10-09 Creating a Fancy Tune

Today we showed our homework on our 16 bars music homework I made a tune that was just quite fine but I need to recheck again to make it better because of some minor mistakes then Our teacher Mr.Sadrakh handed out a song called little moon boat

Rabu, 07 Oktober 2009

7-10-2009- The New era of music term 2

Today we learnt a new scale as a new beginning of term 2 the scale called Pentatonic Scale which consist of the note C,D,E,G,A or Do,Re,Mi,Sol,La and we are given a homework on the Melody based on Pentatonic.
Then in Piano session we created the song and played it. The playing was quite simple but it is hard to make a good tune.

Goals:Submit the homework tomorrow and learning the second tune

Rabu, 09 September 2009

Seventh Week middle of September

Today we get our results for all the assesments here are my Results
Group Presentation: 8/8 (quite Surprised)

Individual:8/8(very Happy)

Music Playing: 80/100 (Uhh.. very bad)

So their are my results

So from that score board i guess i really need to practice the piano alot and a homework on the G major scale. Then Mr.Sadrakh explained all about the scales and why did they call it that and in Music Instrument class Mr.Herry Rajasa(Our Piano Teacher) told us the main objective of the music class how can we improve to be better and better. The speech was ambitious and Motivating.

Ok just for add up's if you read this blog please email me on josh_vdextop@live.com
to help me improve i am waiting for your support
Thank You

Sixth Week First Week of September

This week's first music schedule whick is on 2/09/09 was to be about the music playing assesment and submitting our booklet.But with a whole lot of luck and kindness from Mr.Sadrakh he delayed it until tomorrow.So for this day we were told to make a blog which is the one i am writing in now.
This day which is 3/09/09 we showcased our song the whole crowd staring at me gave me quite a fright that lowered by confidence But i Managed to "SURVIVE" the show.

My Improvements is on my confidence because i sure do need to improve on it

Extra 27/08/09

This week was the presentation week we presented good we were confidence but our weakness was a little to the understanding of work but we have a lot of strengths in the presentation all of us were confident and prepared.This whole week we only concentrated on our Presentation

The goal next week is to get ready for my music playing assesment.

Fifth Week End August

This week we continue discussing and planning for the Powerpoint Presentation on the Javanese music and we are going to my friends house to continue our project. We used the whole week to concentrate on the powerpoint.As always in music Instrument class i practice L'Arabesque

My goal next week is to be ready to strike the marks for the music presentation!
This week was just Fine

The Fourth Week

This week we learned another new song called Apuse it is a song from Papua based on the song we now in Indonesia called Garuda Di Dadaku we still continue our lessons on Notation Mr.Sadrakh is keep motivating us to remember the Intervals of each note and Mr.Sadrakh gave us a homework about it and submit it this week too,then Mr.Sadrakh group us into different groups of Javanese,Sundanese,Sumatra,Balinese and Papua. I got put into the Javanese group. Then as usual music instrument class I continued my L'arabesque to play for the Music assesment and played the scales.

Next week my goal is to go together with my group and prepare for the presentation and Keep Practicing my song.


Selasa, 08 September 2009

Third Week Beginning of August

This week we concentrated on the evaluation of O Ina Ni Keke and keep practicing our knowledge in the notes transitions Mr.Sadrakh gave us some questions and idividualy we have to answer.Then in Music Instrument classes I played B,A,E Minor and keep practicing my L'Arabesque and focus on the forth and the last bar of the last line.

This week my strength was only in the scales because of my experience i just need to improve in my Notes transition.

I expect to learn more in the notes because i found out that it was really important to know it if you want to study music.

Senin, 07 September 2009

Second week End of July

The whole second week we study about intervals in notes like from C to D is one D to E is 1
we practiced it and Mr.Sadrakh(Our Theoritical Music Teacher) gives us a quiz to test our skills,knowledge and understanding.Then we studied O ina ni keke an Indonesia Traditional song the tone is good uts just it woukd be better if we know what it means.
Then we continued our music classes where i played L'Arabesque from Burgmuller

The Class was great today i learned something new Intervals in Notes

First Week Middle of July

Wow today is the first day of our Music Session today was just a introduction of the goals and uses of the music subject and at the same day we picked our music intruments classes and i chosed Piano because i think piano is the one instrument that suits me the best and i have already had experience playing it. So after the normal theoritical classes we go to our music classes we introduced ourself and started with the scales.

The day was just fine since it was just the beginning i bet it would be better as it goes along