Rabu, 09 September 2009

Seventh Week middle of September

Today we get our results for all the assesments here are my Results
Group Presentation: 8/8 (quite Surprised)

Individual:8/8(very Happy)

Music Playing: 80/100 (Uhh.. very bad)

So their are my results

So from that score board i guess i really need to practice the piano alot and a homework on the G major scale. Then Mr.Sadrakh explained all about the scales and why did they call it that and in Music Instrument class Mr.Herry Rajasa(Our Piano Teacher) told us the main objective of the music class how can we improve to be better and better. The speech was ambitious and Motivating.

Ok just for add up's if you read this blog please email me on josh_vdextop@live.com
to help me improve i am waiting for your support
Thank You

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